Current Parent

“Lord of Life has provided my two boys with a solid foundation in faith, education, community, and discipline. For a single mother these contributions to my boys’ upbringing is monumental. Each member of the faculty has a clear passion for Christ and teaching. I am constantly impressed with the content of the curriculum and the skill sets they have acquired. There is a clear teaching of critical thinking skills and problem solving methods. Equally important are the diverse activities that are available which bring experiences the students will not forget, such as the Christmas program, end of the year school play, and free sports programs. I feel blessed each day that my boys are surrounded in an environment where mind, body, and spirit thrive together.”

Current Student

“It is important to study the Word of God every day because the Word of God strengthens your faith and keeps you from questioning God’s knowledge.  It lets the Holy Spirit into the hearts of all people.  He is God in your heart.  He will always be with you.

“God’s Word also gives you some assurance to know God is always by your side and you can ask him for help or comfort.  He defends you you in all your ways and he even sent us his son to take our sins away and bring us to Heaven.  God’s redemption would not be known without his Word which gives us faith.”

Former Student

“Attending Lord of Life for four years was a great experience for me. Not only did I make close friends during recess, but I also had an excellent one-on-one relationship with the teachers. Daily the teachers encouraged me in my academics, extra-curricular activities, and most important, in my relationship with Jesus Christ. My time at Lord of Life has greatly benefited me academically and spiritually.”

Former Student

“Lord of Life is most definitely a great school because not only is it small enough that I know everyone there, but also (and more important) I am being taught in a Christian environment.  In addition, my teacher is a really great guy; he always manages to give us a fun assignment, but we still learn a lot.”

Current Grandparent

“Our granddaughter goes to Lord of Life School  and we have been impressed at how friendly the staff and students are to any one who goes there.  You always feel welcome no matter where you come from. We also like the small class room sizes and that the students are taught to respect each other!”

Current Parent

“Lord of Life Lutheran school provides an exceptional, nurturing Christian academic experience.”